4 Reasons You Can Be The Next Billionaire

Years ago, when I was starting out in business and was still struggling to make ends meet, I thought becoming a millionaire was the ultimate financial goal. My perception changed, however, when I became a millionaire. It was than I discovered being a millionaire just isn’t rich enough. Here is how you can become a millionaire, then a deca-millionaire, then a centa-millionaire and then the ultimate- a billionaire…

1 . Education
Knowledge is the new money… In the business world, employees are taught to acquire higher and higher levels of education, to specialize, work hard, and make enough income to pay taxes, the mortgage, and then to exist until retirement. However, successful entrepreneurs that have come to make billions are generalists. Entrepreneurs think a lot and work a little, they take profits, write expenses off before paying taxes and live the life of their dreams. I can teach you everything you need to know to get the type of knowledge to become the next billionaire.

iStock_000057606294_XXXLarge2. Mindset 
It’s easy to choose success over failure. It’s easy to choose riches over poverty. In fact, it’s easy to choose any dream over it’s dreary counterpart. What’s hard to do is to rechoose that same goal, that same dream, that same level of success every single day, every single hour, until it becomes a reality. You see, while it’s easy to choose success and riches, it’s not easy to carry through with your thoughts every hour of every day. Successful people choose to do what unsuccessful people don’t do.

3. Opportunity
Once you get the education and change your mindset to what you really want you’ll begin to see opportunity around you. You will be better versed in making the right decisions and accepting only the opportunities that are for your best interest. There are so many opportunities out there, but what is so important is to know which opportunities are the right opportunities for you.

4. Action
Just like a baby, you must first learn to crawl to walk and walk to run. Deciding what you want and taking the necessary steps to make your financials dreams a reality, can be a difficult decision to make. Once you’ve gone through the right education, you have the right mindset, get in-front of all the right opportunities… the only other thing to do next is to take Action.

Take Action NOW… To get more great strategies and philosophies on buying, building and selling businesses to leverage you as the next billionaire. I will be in 10 cities in the next 2 months; here is your opportunity to attend my FREE Seminar, The Billionaire Tour, where I help you become the next billionaire…


Tour Date:

Sept. 10th 2015 – Calgary, Canada
Sept. 15th 2015 – Miami, Florida
Sept. 16th 2015 – Houston, Texas
Sept. 17th 2015 – Dallas, Texas
Sept.21st 2015 – Elm Grove, Wisconsin
Sept. 22nd 2015 – Louisville, Kentucky
Sept. 23rd 2015 – Greensboro, North Carolina
Sept. 29th 2015 – Phoenix, Arizona
Sept. 30th 2015 – San Diego, California
Oct. 1st 2015 – Las Vegas, Nevada

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3 Ways That Can Help Achieve Small Business Growth

To demonstrate growth every year, every business, be it large or small, has sales goals. Business growth is a necessity rather than being an option. What is required for a business to grow in an economy? The right strategy at the right time in the right market. High growth happens when this match is achieved. When sales hit a plateau, it is time for new growth strategies that will help boost revenues. To help exacerbate growth and gain traction in your industry, here are a few strategies for small business growth.

Small Business Growth1. Develop a New Product or Service

Consider expanding your service offerings or look into developing new products if you find that you have reached a plateau of sales with your current offerings. Consider products and services complementing your current ones, it allows you to generate more sales from your already existing customer base. For a small business, having more to offer can be a good strategy.

2. Extending Market Reach

Using your products and services to explore new markets or market development is one of the most common growth strategies employed. The new market can be either geographic or industry-related. Before venturing into new markets, do your research thoroughly. You can gain additional market share from the competitors by finding ways to penetrate your current market.

3. Additional Finances to Invest

To meet your small business growth strategies, enhancing productivity by acquiring finances is a good idea. To help your productivity soar; look out for investors, grants or small business loans. Financial capital can help your acquire additional equipment or you can hire staff; both of them will help you enhance your productivity. To sell the additional products, make sure that you have a solid marketing plan in place.

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What is a Business Strategy?

brainstorm-business-strategyWhen you are asked what is a business strategy? You should know that a business strategy is a plan, decision, choice, or even a guide which is used to benefit a company. The benefit can be in terms of success, profits, popularity, growth, or in any contributing method. However, business strategies are tricky. In order for them to be implemented and to show positive result, they must be thorough and the owner of the business should have a clear idea of what the results should be like. Similarly, the owner must understand that a strategy which has been misunderstood or is weak can cause damage to the business. It may even lead the company to go out of business for good.

The Two Kinds of Strategies

You can compile business strategies in to two categories. One category could be practical and the other theoretical. In order for a strategy to move from being just a theory to being implemented, a clear plan is required. When the entire focus is set upon a single strategy, chances of success are higher as a specific unit of the business is analyzing the strategy and is exploring its strengths and weaknesses.

This kind of insight can be used as a tool that’ll help you identify and improve objectives that need work. Profits can be maximized, cash flow will be smoother, resources can be used in a more effective manner while saving as much as possible. Not to forget that customer satisfaction will reach new heights if your company implements good a business strategy for its development.

In summation, when asked, what is a business strategy? You can say that it is a technique, plan, or method which helps a business grow.

What is a business strategy according to you? Which strategies have you implemented? How has implementing them benefited your business?


Find out how healthy your business is with our FREE Business Health Check… where you have the ability to evaluate your current performance and discover any areas of improvement…

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Reasons to Use B2B Email Marketing

Even though social media is the talk of the town today and your marketing strategy should have some part of it at the very least, it mustn’t be the only aspect you focus on. Email marketing, often disregarded as having lost its sway over the years, remains stronger than ever in truth. For lead generation purposes in particular, the power of email marketing must not be underestimated. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should be capitalizing on email marketing if you aren’t already.


Out of all the communication mediums, email is the most personal of them all. Moreover, business owners do not engage in personal conversations on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Businesspeople often use Outlook or Gmail for one on one conversations, it is easier to just open the browser and just roll out an email.

Gets More Attention in the Business Context

Email marketing gets you more face to face interaction with your clients in stark comparison to social media, which does not get enough attention in a business context. Instead of trying to conduct business on social media, clients are spending more time reading their emails. They are more likely to constantly check their emails.

Volume of Users

Email has three times the number of users found on Twitter and Facebook combined. Facebook and Twitter, excluding spam, comprise only 0.2 % emails that are sent everyday throughout the year. If you are targeting an older audience, chances are that a lot of them won’t be too active on social media; therefore, emailing them would be your best shot.


In email marketing, you are sending out target messages to your audience, which can be targeted on the basis of local market conditions, preferences and location. This method removes uncertainty that makes marketing strategies ineffective by allowing you to make lists bases on income, marital status, gender, age etc.

To reap the benefits of this paradigm, develop a B2B email marketing strategy today!

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Having Trouble Reading A Balance Sheet? Here’s An Effective Overview That Will Help…

Also known as a ‘statement of financial position’, you will be able to effectively decipher your company’s assets, liabilities, and net worth by reading a balance sheet. Knowing how to read a balance sheet is very important, but you won’t be able to do so without understanding how it’s usually structured.

What Is The Balance Sheet Equation?

Assets are equal to Liabilities plus Shareholder’s Equity i.e. the Net Worth

According to the formula, assets should be balanced against the financial obligations of a company, as well as the equity investment purchased by the company and the earnings that were the result of it. As a rule, the total assets owned by the company should come as equal to the liabilities as well as the total net worth of the company.

spreadsheet-chartWhat Are Current and Non-Current Assets?

By assets, it’s meant all the finances and resources with the help of which a company is operated. They are two types of assets:

Current Assets:

  • Life span of 1 year or less
  • Includes cash and equivalents of cash, accounts receivable and inventory
  • The credit used by clients and later turned into cash to buy products and services

Non-Current Assets:

  • Can be turned into cash very easily
  • Are tangible, such as computers, machinery, buildings and land
  • Can also be intangible in the case of patents, copy-rights, goodwill, brand name

What Are The Different Liabilities?

The other side of the balance sheet will comprise of liabilities, which are financial obligations that a company owes outside of the company. There are two kinds of liabilities, current and long-term.

Long-term Liabilities:

  • Debts and other non-debt financial obligations
  • Have to be paid after or within a certain period

Current Liabilities:

  • The liabilities of a company which are to be paid within one year
  • Includes short term borrowings such as accounts payables
  • Also includes long term borrowing such as interest payment on a 10 year loan

The last important part in a balance sheet is the shareholder equity. In order to correctly balance the sheets, the shareholder’s equity which is the total net worth of the company (after paying of the taxes) should be equal to the liabilities and assets owned by the company. How to read a balance sheet is very easy, if you know what to look for.

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