6 Best Customer Service Practices

6790871_lCustomer service has drastically evolved in recent times. With increased access to technology and means of communication, customers find it quite easy to share their feedback about products and services. One small mishap and there goes the customer venting on social media.

In such times, how does a firm ensure they are providing the best customer service? The following are 6 best practices that firms can adopt for business growth:

1. Exceed Customers’ Needs and Expectations

Successful businesses don’t just meet but exceed customers’ expectations. One way of doing this is by offering something extra like a coupon to them. Exceeding their expectations will guarantee a lifelong customer for your business.

2. Listen Carefully

Your customers want you to listen to their grievances and solve their queries. They want assurance that you are there for them. They might ask for your advice regarding a new product or complain about an old one. Listen to them attentively.  Engage with them. Show them you care and make every effort to resolve their issues.

3. Ask Questions

It is essential that a firm’s employees ask customers questions and collect data on them. Customer feedback allows a firm to change according to the changing needs of customers.  A company can collect data on its customers through surveys. Make sure you do not bombard your customers with lengthy questions.  Your focus should be on collecting information on what the customer wants and how you can cater to their wants. Learn to master the art of asking questions tactfully.

4. Team Work

A supportive and dynamic teamwork plays a huge role in the success of any business.  Ensure that your team members coordinate among themselves and have a positive attitude with common goals and values.

5. Offer Options

A happy customer is one who is provided with a wide variety of product or service options.  But, don’t make the mistake of offering too many options as that is likely to confuse customers.

6. Learn From Competitors

Study and analyze what your competitors are doing that you are not. Identify their strengths and practices and try to implement them in your business. Study their products and services. Strive to emulate their success, but do not repeat their mistakes.

The above-mentioned practices are vital for ensuring excellent customer service. Every company employee needs to understand and implement these in their business operations. Remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

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3 Ways To Use Technology in the Workplace to Motivate Employees

Keeping employees motivated is no mean feat. Company hosted social events, free lunches and unlimited PTO can keep employees motivated; however, employers looking for unorthodox methods to motivate should try embracing tech in the workplace in this regard. Following are a few ways employers can use technology to create a motivated workforce.

Facilitate Learning

Getting hold of work-related stuff outside the office is necessary at times, regardless of how much people despise taking work home. Mobile applications enable the flexibility employees need when it comes down to accessing the files. Mobile has revolutionized the way we learn, play and work, and apps are vital when it comes to motivating employees.

On-going Feedback

Performance review in organizations is usually done on quarterly, annual, or semi-annual basis; feedback however, should be ongoing. Instead of waiting for performance review reports to praise and criticize employees, automated performance review with HR software can make ongoing feedback a simple task. Timely feedback enhances engagement and motivation of the employees by guiding them towards the right direction. Moreover, it also enables the employees to offer suggestions to the management. Valuing employee’s ideas and suggestions always serves as a powerful motivation tactic too.

2327047_medIncrease Sharing and Collaboration

Cloud based file sharing tools, the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox, are beneficial in encouraging employees to get things done by reducing hassles in the workplace; case in point, spending too much time searching for files in a disorganized shared drive. It makes sharing and exchange of documents amongst the employees easier. Moreover, it also helps keep a track of who’s working on which project and encourage collaboration amongst workers, thus helping boost motivation.

Technology gives employee the extra push they need to put their best foot forward at the workplace and increase the overall productivity of the organization.


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3 Ways to Re-Invent Your Business

If you are thinking of taking a new start on your current business, or simply wish to pull it out of the present economic rut, then you need to reinvent its entire dynamics. Sometimes re-inventing is the only solution to the problem and a fresh start might help you do wonders in the industry!

These 3 ways to reinvent your business are easy, yet demand your commitment. Get ready to put in the hard work and it will pay off in the end.

1. Know When To Start the Change And Be Ready For It

You need to decide if it’s the right time to initiate a change or not. Does your company need an urgent reinvention, in order to compete in the industry and become a major brand? Whether you are facing an economic crisis, are bored with your business, or need a suitable work life balance to enjoy time at work and home, reinventing the business is a viable solution.

2. Devise A StrategyThe questionnaire

Once you have decided to reinvent the business, and organize change, it is important that you know what changes you intend to bring about, and how. A well thought out action plan, is the key to success in reinventing your business, if you want pursue an idea which would be a lucrative opportunity for you.

Opt to have clarity in your current as well as future goals and missions. Evaluate each idea for reinvention, and choose the most brilliant one from a bunch of good ones.

3. Follow The Devised Plan

For a new plan, you need to know everything about the current business market, mark out your competitors and have a sound plan on how you intend to beat them at their own game. The more detailed and well thought out plan you have, the easier it will be to follow the steps to your success.

In the initial testing period, you will be facing some obstacles and hurdles, but if your plan has substance, and you are committed to reinventing your business and ensure growth and profits, then you will be able to stabilize your reinvented business venture for sure!

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a concept which involves a collaborative team effort, designed to improve performance through the systematic removal of waste. This idea also includes elements like combining the lean manufacturing enterprise and Six Sigma objectives, to eliminate all the eight different kinds of waste, which include defects, non utilized talent, waiting, overproduction, inventory, transportation, extra processing or downtime, and motion.

The Lean Six Sigma approach is used to streamline the production and manufacturing processes in businesses. The main focus of this unique concept is to reduce the waste and cut out all the unnecessary steps and procedures that are in use within an organization. Only the steps and processes that are recognized to add direct value to a product are approved by the Six Sigma policy.

Male Hand Pulling Bar of Graph ChartAccording to the Lean Six Sigma methodology, the only possible way to determine the actual worth and value of a process in the overall manufacturing cycle of a product, is to assess whether that particular step adds any advantage to the product at all. The methodology evaluates the worth of the process, by analyzing if the customer would be willing to pay for the service or not.

Any part or step of the entire production process; which does not add any value to the product or does not translate into a profit for the organization is completely removed from the portfolio. This way, a complete streamlined and more profitable system process is ensured, which will perform efficiently and smoothly.

Lean Six Sigma certification experts believe that it is essential to reduce the steps to only the most productive few, which ensure quality benefits and value at every step. Any process which is considered extra and is not adding sufficient value to the end product is considered to be a waste of resources for the company; something which is eliminated by the Lean Six Sigma, as per their methodology objectives.

Lean Six Sigma policies are used to ensure profitability and value from every resource and manufacturing process in the organization. Resource wastage is not an option!

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Mindset and Money

Do you wish to develop a positive mindset which helps you achieve your goals in life? Is earning money your main goal, or do you have a mindset which focuses on making money while putting your best efforts forward?

As Roger Clemens very aptly puts it,

“I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.”

Even if earning money is your goal, you need to have the right and positive mindset for it. Your mind and way of thinking are what decide whatever you will do in life. If you have any financial targets to meet and want to be successful by managing your money in a suitable way
, then the most important thing you need to do is to change your mindset.

Changing Mindsets – The Road To Earning Money!

If you have always cultivated the mindset that you don’t 313035_medhave any money before and won’t ever have it as well, then it’s high time that you changed it.

A changed mindset will give you a positive outlook on your entire financial situation, and will surely bring different opportunities to your life. A changed outlook will help you view your money matters in a new way, helping you seek and benefit from different chances to work on and improve your current financial crisis.

It’s all about the mindset! Once you have reviewed your current thinking methodologies, and evaluated the different ways in which you can actually work to manage your money matters more effectively; half of your battle is already won!

Once you are in the right mindset, you will be more than willing to save and explore more creative ways to earn money. With a goal in mind, you will evaluate different opportunities, to try your luck in one which seems good for you.

When it comes to earning money, the right mindset is the key to success! Without it, even with all the other resources; you will not be able to evoke any major changes in your current financial situation.

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