5 Lessons Taught By Million Dollar Coaches

Hall of Fame Coaches - Berlin

ActionCOACH Hall of Fame Business Coaches – Berlin, 2013

What a million dollar coach offers is the motivation you need to face challenges in life. Whether you went for a training session to seek out solutions to your business problems, or attended a session to experience what makes these million dollar coaches different from the others; if your life has a newfound purpose by the end of the training and you have the energy to resolve your issues, then attending a session with a million dollar coach was well worth the money. It’s true that the lessons taught by these coaches are golden rules to success!

Following are 5 of the lessons that are often taught by a million dollar coach, with an eye to bring about a positive change in every individual’s life. This is what they teach:

Lesson 1 – Dare To Win!

If you have a timid approach towards life, then now is the time to be daring and take a firm step towards achieving your dream. The biggest issue is mostly that business owners are unwilling to try  something new and unique, and fear to undertake the necessary steps. These coaches teach the lesson to be daring if you want to accomplish something great!

Lesson 2 – Build Connections For Success

Million dollar coaches teach the important lesson of making contacts and building long term relationships within the industry. Connections are the key to success!

Lesson 3 – Recognize Opportunity

These experienced coaches teach how to identify hidden opportunities and cultivate cognitive skills to differentiate the genuinely profitable opportunities from the ones that only seem good, but won’t prove to be a good choice in the long term.

Lesson 4 – Take One Step At A Time

Set your goals and proceed to work with one goal at a time. Coaches recommend this approach, as it fosters an organized frame of mind and eliminates confusion and reduces the chances for errors.

Lesson 5 – Never Shy Away From Learning

Never stop learning from your peers, colleagues and the industry trends, is the lesson taught by recognized and successful million dollar business coaches. This is the golden formula for success!

These 5 golden rules given by million dollar coaches enable many to seek success within their business.

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The Magic and Power of Marketing

One of the most important and yet bizarre truths about marketing has been shared by the co-founder of Hewlett Packard. David Packard expressed his views about marketing and said that marketing in essence is just too important to be left to the marketing department.

Steve Jobs and Bill Davidow, great leaders in the industry, had a knack for carrying out Business powersound marketing techniques, even though one of them only had technical degrees in engineering, while the other was a school dropout. This goes to show that you need on the job experience to learn about the market. While you might think that you know everything there is to know, and have a bunch of tricks up your sleeves to attract the customers, the client market is highly unpredictable.

The truth about marketing is that everyone believes that they are good at it, while that is hardly ever the case. As the demand for marketing professionals is high, there are a number of fake experts circulating the field. The need is to find an experienced individual who can present a pleasing image of your offerings, prompting potential customers to try out your services.

It is an open truth, widely accepted, that branding has a major impact on the profits of a business. If a brand has been marketed in the right way, it is sure to be more successful than a local product. It all trickles down to the marketing campaign and efforts done to project the right image of the brand and product. Such is the magic of marketing, that well publicized and presented brands, steal the show every time.

To ensure flawless marketing efforts, it is crucial that you have a sound understanding of your target market, so that you can devise suitable strategies to gain their attention. Marketers focus on devising new ways, in which the product can be used, to project brands in a new and exciting way.

It is important to realize that marketing is the actual hub of the business activity for the company. From the product development team to the sales department, all have an input to give, which could have a positive impact on the marketing efforts of the company.

The execution of the right communication strategy then, is the key to ensuring a sound marketing campaign, which will make the customers aware of a product they haven’t even heard of before. Such is the true magic and power of marketing!

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3 Reasons Why People Buy Brands

When someone goes out to buy something, why is it that a large percentage of the population prefers a branded item over a generic product in the same item category, even when buying something as simple as salt or diapers?

There are a number of reasons why brands are linked with quality and a large segment of the customer market is drawn towards brands and completely ignores other local options.

Here are 3 important reasons why buying brands has become a habit of the population:

1. Perceptive Quality of A Brand

Many consumers have a perception about brand quality. They believe that a brand will surely offer unparalleled quality with consistency every time. This perception is what makes them prefer brands over generic products.

For consumers, quality is the highest priority, and they are willing to pay more because they feel that product quality is something they can never compromise on. Brands have earned their trust in this regard over the years.

While a local product might be just as good, the perceived quality of the brand wins every time.

2. Safety

Consumers generally prefer a safe and secure option, something they’re already familiar with, rather than try something new or different. When it comes to health, people are not willing to try out a new product no matter how affordable the price. They feel that a product they have always used is the best thing for their family.

3. Satisfaction and Trust

Trust Image 2If a particular brand has delivered consistent quality over time, it builds trust in the mind of the consumer. This in turn leads to great satisfaction and comfort, which prompts the consumer to buy that particular brand every time without any second thought to spare for the other numerous products available in the market.

There is a magic brought by a brand that consumers are drawn towards them and are willing to spend more to purchase a branded product they have come to associate with quality over a period of time.

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Be The Catalytic Leader, Be the Change Maker

A leader is one who not only has the foresight to see the possible changes in the future, but is also one who prepares his team on how to survive the changing tides of time.

iStock_000003854002LargeChange – The Dynamic For Your Team!

Adapting to change is nothing less than an ordeal for a team of people who are accustomed to a particular method of work. Any dynamic change in the industry and these workers are left directionless, with no idea of how to go about managing the change. Most employees in an organization are highly resistant to change, which poses a serious threat to the survival of the company. With a workforce unwilling to change and adapt to new methods, how can a company in any sector hope to compete or survive in the highly competitive sector?

Catalyst For Change!

The answer is provided by a leader! A leader is your catalyst who will bring about change by inspiring the team to see the modifications as an opportunity, and not as a threat. By subtly modifying the mindset and perceptions of a team, a leader prepares the workforce to get ready for change and welcome it with open arms.

As Napoleon Bonaparte said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” By inspiring with hope, a leader helps their people adapt to the change and easily survive the challenging transition easily. What nobody can ever hope to achieve, is in fact conquered by a leader, as he infuses his spirit of belief, motivation and inspiration into his team, driving them to work and seek opportunities in every change that is around the corner.

Empower Team And Prepare Future Leaders

As Bill Gates said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who inspire others.”  

And the leaders are preparing for this future change by empowering their team and paving the way for them to become leaders in their own way.

Quote 81Great leaders not only inspire to accept change, they also help prepare leaders who are themselves catalysts and have the will to grasp every opportunity for change as a good chance at future success.

If you see an opportunity where everyone else cringes from change, then you are the catalyst, a characteristic of future leaders!

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4 Traits of Successful Business Leaders

Business blog image 03-13-15leaders are the driving force behind a company. They serve as the catalyst required to bring about needed change in the management and practices of the organization. But in order to ensure success, it is essential that a leader cultivates and develops positive traits which are recognized to be crucial to the achievement of their triumphs.

Following are 4 traits which the best business leaders in the industry have developed and perfected over time:

1. Dedicated Persistence

If you want to enjoy success like Henry Ford, pledge yourself to the saying, “If at once you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.”  Because this is exactly what this great leader did. He perfected his car design models after each failure and eventually became the wealthiest man in the world, setting an example.

So, make sure that you are dedicatedly persistent in your efforts.

2. Recognition of Talent

As a leader, you should naturally have or cultivate the quality to recognize skilled talent in your potential employees. Great leaders like Steve Jobs never lost an opportunity to recognize the talent potential of any individual they would want to include in their team.

Good leaders surround themselves with skilled talent and that is exactly what Jobs did. You need to do the same.

3. Struggle For Perfection

Great leaders are never satisfied. They want to strive for the next level of perfection in their work, and wish to succeed to the next business level. Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, all have that in common.

Even after achieving a billion dollar status, these companies continue to seek perfection in every aspect of business. Every leader needs to have an urge for seeking perfection and not be satisfied with what they have achieved so far. Always strive for the best thing on the next corner!

4. Fearlessness And Courage

These are vital traits that every leader must have. If a leader is afraid or hesitant to take a risk or experiment, then they cannot ensure success within the industry. A leader must be courageous enough to willing try new ideas and be prepared to fail before he stumbles upon the perfect success formula.

Richard Branson is a big supporter of the idea of leaders taking risks to succeed. He believes that it is very important to learn through failure and perfect your strategy to achieve success.

All these traits are found in some of the most successful business leaders of the industry. If you want to ensure success, then you need to adopt these traits.

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