Brad Sugars Review – Cash Flow Forecast Boon or Bane

Brad Sugars Review - Cash Flow Forecast Boon or Bane

Brad Sugars Review – Cash Flow Forecast Boon or Bane

Brad Sugars Review – Cash Flow Forecast Boon or Bane

Organizations rely on cash flow forecast to make estimates and remove uncertainties. Due to its numerous application and benefits, it is used globally. However, is it all sunshine, or does it come with a catch? To help you decide whether the technique is well-suited to your purposes or not, we have gone through some of the advantages and disadvantages of cash flow forecast and list the notable ones here.


Cheaper than Failing

We all hope that this year will be more profitable than the one behind us; with the aid of cash flow forecasting we strive to avoid potential failure and make provisions to improve cash flow. For a prosperous year, cash flow management is the key since growth does require cash.

Less Time Consuming

The idea of not waiting for your accountant to get back to you every time you want to know about a possibility and saving the time that you were otherwise going to spend over those endless spreadsheets is comforting. Cash flow forecasting saves a lot of time and gives you control.


Relies on Historic Information

This method relies on historic information and market trends which can create problems for a business new in the industry. Using market index information, industry statistics and consumer research, a new business can create forecasts. However, this information is not suited to a specific business and applies to the industry or market in general.

Improper Decisions

Based on long term cash flow estimates, business owners can make improper decisions. For instance, today making large investments in production equipment represents significant cash flow. Companies invest in production equipment expecting higher cash outflow. However, poorly prepared cash flow estimates and changes to expected cash flow can lead to inappropriate decisions.

Hopefully,this Brad Sugars Review – Cash Flow Forecast Boon or Bane will be an advantage to you and helped you decide whether it is for you or not.

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Brad Sugars Reviews Successful Entrepreneur Stories

Brad Sugars Reviews Successful Entrepreneur Stories

Brad Sugars Reviews Successful Entrepreneur Stories

Brad Sugars Reviews Successful Entrepreneur Stories

Successful entrepreneurs have success stories because they go against all odds to show the world that they have the capability of accomplishing even when the odds are not in their favor. These individuals break free from all the shackles that try their best to hold them down. They strive, they conquer, and they become successful entrepreneurs because of their conviction.

Defying all odds, there is an individual who took a giant step forward, into the business world of mobile application development.

Chad Mureta (CEO of App Empire/ Co-founder T3 Apps and Best Apps)

Mureta was an owner of a real estate business when an incident changed his entire life. He almost lost both of his arms in a devastating accident. After his accident, his real estate business went under.

After six months of being hospitalized and another six in rehabilitation therapy, Mureta owed healthcare providers $100,000. Not being able to get back in the real estate business, Mureta had to find an alternative means to earning a living and paying back his dues. He had to do something fast, so he began researching, outsourcing, and designing apps.

During his hospitalization, he came across many magazine articles that were on mobile applications. Furthermore, he noticed that his friends would constantly talk to him about new applications that they had downloaded.

Muerta made a decision of creating applications to generate income. Although the application industry was new, he saw potential and growth in it. That was all he needed to think past the risks. He brought together a team of developers and started work right away on his first application.

He started his first application with a loan for $1,800. Shortly after he went to work, his application helped him earn almost $500,000. The application created was a security app that takes your fingerprint scan. It allows you to unlock your phone after the print matches the one in the data. The idea came to him after he noticed individuals going through his cell phone.

Soon after Mureta created more applications and established a successful company called App Empire.

He was completely inexperienced in the industry when he started, yet he encouraged others to see the opportunity in app development.

According to Mureta, “Lying in my hospital bed, I decided to take a Hail Mary shot and get into this industry.” He added, “I needed a new business and decided to jump in with both feet. Immediately, I started sketching out ideas for my own apps on pieces of paper. Soon after, I found a development company and outsourced all work to create my first app.”

“I’m still not a tech guy,” he added.  “I couldn’t tell you how to program an app, but I can tell you how to make it a success. I researched the market (and) the consumers, and saw opportunities for people like myself. I kept researching and kept expanding my knowledge to grow my business and income.”

Now, Mureta is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, consultant, and an author. Which successful entrepreneur’s stories inspire you the most?

I’m sure this post “Brad Sugars Reviews Successful Entrepreneur Stories” has inspired you to learn more about how you can make your own business successful. Please take a look at series of Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs – Finding the Missing Key to Success  articles.

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Brad Sugars: Which Key Elements are Present in Small Business Success Stories

Brad Sugars: Which Key Elements are Present in Small Business Success Stories

Brad Sugars: Which Key Elements are Present in Small Business Success Stories

Brad Sugars: Which Key Elements are Present in Small Business Success Stories

Would it not be a dream come true to wake up one morning and receive some really great news, news like you have become an icon overnight, and your business has become the next big thing.

Unfortunately, reality does not work like that. In order to have your very own small business success story, one must put in a lot of effort, time, hard work, dedication, and much more. Similarly, there are key elements which play a very important role in helping one achieve their very own success story.

These key elements help one develop a professional as well as a personal transformation. These transformations are very important in this era as everything is developing around us at a superfast speed. These elements are the foundation behind small business success stories, they include:

  • Being relevant and professional throughout.
  • Solving problems while initiating solutions with immediate action.
  • Caring about others will want them to care about you. In the world of business, it is important to look out for your partners and your peers.
  • Your personality can actually turn tables around – charm, charisma, humor, and how serious you take your business matter.
  • Be social, the more you interact with others, the more it will benefit your business in the near future. It is important to make contacts.
  • Always be authentic, do not lie or cheat to make your way to the top. It will not take long for a lie to be the reason behind your fall.
  • Your entire focus should not be the selling of the product. It should be on serving and providing your customers and buyers with what they want and what they need.
  • Never break no matter how tough the times are upon you and your business, it is a part of being a business owner. Even the most successful of owners have been through the worst crisis in their lives.
  • Will and determination can do wonders.
  • Acknowledging and accepting change is a part of the lives of business owners, do not stick with the past. Go with a mindset of 10-15 years in the future, if you want your very own small business success stories.
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Brad Sugars Review – Attracting More Customers to your Business

Brad Sugars Review - Building Customer Loyalty: Attracting More Customers to your Business

Brad Sugars Review – Building Customer Loyalty: Attracting More Customers to your Business

When you exceed customer expectations, you create a positive connection with them and get more customers for your business.

Brad Sugars Review

Referrals are one of the most effective ways of growing and expanding your business, yet many companies struggle in this area. In today’s competitive marketplace where your competitors are merely a click away, customer service has become the ‘new’ marketing.

It is no longer a secret that customers mostly rely on their friends and family to recommend products and services. And customers that approach you through this channel are convinced that you’re the perfect option for them.

Starting a Referral Program for your Company

Let your customers do the selling!

If you’re unsure how to begin a referral program for your company, don’t worry. Here is a list of seven steps that can help you get more referrals for your company.

  • Step 1 – Creating a Referral Generation Plan

If you think referrals are always generated automatically, you’re wrong. While some referrals might just happen automatically, majority of these are triggered actively. Many business owners believe that a terrific customer service or an excellent product or service is enough for generating referrals by default. However, this is not the case. In order to create a powerful referrals program, you need to approach your customer actively and ask them to be a part of your company’s referral program.

  • Step 2: Offering Support

Once you approach your customers and invite them to become a part of your referral program, the next step is to guide them how to go about it. You can provide support in the form of your business cards or giving them a referral link. This would help you power up your referral program and improve your odds of achieving success.

  • Offering Incentives

This is the most fascinating part of a referral program. The type of incentives you promise to give away should be related in one way or the other to the type of business you’re doing. This may be a free item, an upgrade, a discount, commission or anything that would entice your customers to provide referrals. It is also essential that you share the details of your referral program with your loyal customers via emails, newsletters, or through a blog.

If you found “Brad Sugars Review – Building Customer Loyalty: Attracting More Customers to your Business” useful, don’t forget to follow up! I’m going to talk more about it in the next blog of the series.

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Importance of Marketing Mix in your Marketing Strategy – Part 2

In the previous blog, we discussed marketing tips through which you can take your business to the next level. Here, we are going to talk more about it. So let’s begin!

·         The Target

When you are marketing, you must strategize about who you want to target with your messages. Your main consumer group becomes your target customer of your marketing campaign. Your price and product offers a certain direction to identify the ideal audience.

·         Message Delivery

Evidently promotion factor address the actual method of distributing and creating messages regarding your products and brand. In promotion, you have to determine which formats and messages to utilize in order to encourage your target audience to buy your products or service. Anxiety, fear, sexuality, and humor are utilized to add an emotional appeal in the marketing. Choosing the right media within billboards, internet, magazines, newspapers, radio, and television, as well as other support media is another significant element for successful promotion.

·         Value Creation

Generally, marketing mix enables you to determine the right ways of building and selling value for your customers. Eventually, customers mostly purchase what they perceive to be the best value for their money in the buying situation. Implementation of the marketing campaigns showing off greater products in fair prices provides you a better chance in succeeding. Finding fair and affordable marketing preferences can also assist you in getting a better return on marketing investment.

 Bottom Line

Generating demand for your product or persuading your target audience to purchase something that they don’t even want can take money, time, efforts and time. Discovering a need and simply fulfilling it is far less expensive and easy as compared to generating a need.

However, you would stand a better chance with good market research as it will provide you objectivity and usually encourage your customers and prospects to share issues which they usually won’t tell any company. It also frequently reveals that whatever message you believe you are communicating isn’t exactly the same received by the prospects. It will also assist in clearly indicating compelling ways of differentiating your business from your competitors as this will help in drastically increasing your conversion rate.

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