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Brad’s Childhood

Brad Sugars. Early Childhood

Brad Sugars. Early Childhood

Brad Sugars was born in Brisbane, Australia on May 28, 1971. His early childhood years were spent in Darwin and Adelaide, before his parents moved back to Brisbane. He developed an unusual interest in business at an early age. What else can you say about a kid whose parents caught him selling his Christmas presents to his brothers at age seven? The following year, Brad worked smarter and rented his toys to them for a day or two at a time, earning money and getting his toys back afterwards. Seeing Brad’s entrepreneurial spirit at such an early age, Brad’s father believed he would someday grow to become a businessman and took Brad to visit his place of business and explain the workings of the business to him.

Brad was always curious why some people seemed to have wealth while others didn’t. One day while visiting the home of the family milkman (who happened to be a wealthy businessman), Brad asked his father if being a milkman was the key to becoming rich. Brad’s father encouraged him to ask the milkman how he made his money. The milkman was happy to sit the youngster down and explained to him: “Son, you don’t making money selling the milk; you make money selling the milk run.” Brad didn’t quite understand the lesson he had learned at the time: that the real money was made selling the business, not actually running the business. Not many years after that, Brad had a route of his own delivering newspapers in his home town of Adelaide. Brad didn’t enjoy delivering papers on the cold winter mornings in Southern Australia, so instead of giving up on the paper route, he employed his friends to deliver the papers for him while keeping a few dollars for himself. This was one of his first lessons in the principle of leverage.

“I realized that in order to earn money,  you do not necessarily have to do all the work,” he says. “You can employ people and make a profit along the way.” As a teen, Brad saved his money to pay for a ticket to attend one of Jim Rohn’s seminars. Brad often says that seminar changed his life. That is just how powerful a speaker Rohn was. One of Brad’s favorite Jim Rohn quotes is: “Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom.  Brad took Jim Rohn’s, hard work, ethic to heart in everything he did. “I’m so glad now that I was a different kind of child, one who was so interested in business and money rather than just getting a job.”  he says. To this day, Brad teaches that your goal with every job should not be to, “earn as much as you can, but to learn as much as you can.”

Brad Sugars … Early Businesses

Brad Sugars. Early Businesses

Brad Sugars. Early Businesses

brads childhood Over time, Brad’s jobs and businesses became more sophisticated, and like the young paper boy who hired his friends to deliver the papers, Brad realized that all successful businesses were based on the same principle: finding something people want to buy, selling it to them, and making sure you charge enough to make a good profit while providing great service.

By the time he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting from Queensland University of Technology, he had worked in 27 different jobs, ranging from gardener to pipe maker; from pizza cook to radio announcer and from disc jockey to accounts clerk. The one thing those experiences taught him? “Very few people really gave anything their best effort.” he says.

But Brad was determined to be different. During these brief stints as an employee at several businesses, he also discovered he was for the most part… unemployable. While working a part-time job, he tried thinking for himself and seriously outshined his boss, not immediately realizing that this kind of performance would not earn him favors with most employers.

After leaving University, Brad’s income from a sales job was invested in training himself further. Every dollar he earned was spent on courses on money, investing, sales, business and personal growth. If you can name it, Brad did a course on it. Brad estimates he has spent nearly half a million dollars himself on training himself by attending seminars and classes outside of his formal education. “You see, I knew that to achieve what I wanted out of life wasn’t going to be about how hard I worked, but about how much I knew.” he says.

By the time Brad was 21, he was running four retail stores and photocopy management contract, earning a salary of $60,000 a year. “My mum almost had a heart attack when I told her that I had quit to go work for myself.” he says.

Brad considers the photocopy business to be his first real business, which he started when he was still at University studying for his business and accounting degree.

Brad Sugars Business Experience

Brad Sugars Business Experience

Always a quick learner, Brad found that studying for the degree left him with spare time so he started the photocopy shop on the side. At the time, the concept of self-service photocopying was unique to Australia, and Brad’s shop was one of the first of its kind.

Being young and naive was probably a good thing for him. With no capital but a lot of smart ideas on how to create sales, market and lead a team, he managed to increase profits of 39% in nine months of leading the four retail stores. Then, he bought a 33% share into a ladies fashion store with no money down based solely on his ability to create sales, which led to a sales increase of 93% during the first nine weeks. Brad sold his interest back to the other partners just 3 months later, then did the same with a pizza manufacturing business, taking its product from being sold only in cafes to being stocked on the shelves of Woolworths, as well as almost every other small retailer in Queensland.

After earning his accounting degree, Brad focused on buying struggling businesses, improving their systems, conversion rates, average dollar sales, number of transactions and profit margins. He then sold these businesses to new buyers for huge profits. His track record in Australia for transforming companies earned him the nickname “The Turnaround Kid.? These experiences helped Brad develop the fundamental building blocks for all of his business coaching methods.

Brad took the profits from the sale of these transformed businesses and began investing in real estate and other investments that would earn him passive income. Not everything was a success for him in the early days, and he had a major financial loss at age 22. That didn’t keep him down; he put his skills to work again, and by age 26 had made millions and financially retired.

His business coaching business (Action International) was running smoothly without him and he was living the life most people dream of. There was just one problem: he grew tired of retirement and playing golf with men twice his age, so Brad jumped back into the game of business and doubled his focus on helping others achieve business success while continuing to invest in businesses, real estate, and other investments himself.

Brad Sugars … Speaking in Public

Brad Sugars. Speaking in Public

Brad Sugars. Speaking in Public

While running his photocopy shop, part of Brad’s business plan was to encourage his business customers to print newsletters for their companies like the newsletters he was printing himself.

Soon, his printing customers were coming to his photocopy shop for business advice while having their newsletters copied, and Brad happily provided business advice and even began doing short seminars in his shop.

Word spread and a very young Brad Sugars found himself in demand for public speaking engagements on how to transform marginal businesses into profitable enterprises using systems that run without the owner being directly involved in the day-to-day operations.

Over the years, Brad found himself travelling outside of his native Australia to locations in Europe, Asia and the United States to conduct business and investing seminars. To this day, Brad continues to dazzle audiences with his business teachings based on real-life experiences. In 2009, Brad began a world-wide tour visiting 87 cities in 16 countries with his “Business Is Booming” seminar tour.

To further leverage his reach and allow more owners to access his ‘business re-education’ tools, Brad created Brad Sugars Profit Masters, utilizing the power of the Internet to deliver educational webinars, videos and other forms of electronic learning material to audiences around the world without the drawbacks of continuous travel away from his family.

Over his career, Brad has taught nearly a half-million people how to create business, real estate and financial success. Brad is still doing live seminars and public speaking engagements today, but is enjoying a more balanced approach to travel and speaking to live audiences.

Brad Sugars … The Business Coach

Brad Sugars. The Business Coach

Brad Sugars. The Business Coach

Brad’s early business presentations to his photocopy customers resulted in several of them requesting advice on their specific business matters. This grew into a busy consulting schedule for Brad and ACTION International (which later became ActionCOACH in 2006) was born in 1993 providing business coaching services. This really was the birth of the business coaching industry, and would prove to be Brad’s largest and most successful business of his life.

One person that Brad offered his services to (he used to give away two hours of his time for free, just so people could understand what he could do for them) ran an international training company. That gentleman, bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, then asked Brad to come and train his seminar promoters in the art of marketing. Little did Brad know what was in store for him.

Training 30 seminar promoters in Hawaii meant that Brad Sugars was bound to go into the presenting business. Seminars in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Melbourne meant the sale of the pizza business back in Brisbane and this money was used to help fund ACTION International in expanding into an international organization that trained and consulted with business owners and managers. Robert then asked Brad to conduct training sessions at his Business School for Entrepreneurs in Hawaii later that year, which meant that more than 350 business owners from around the world, as well as eleven sales trainers (mostly in their 40’s and 50’s) were there to learn from young Brad Sugars!  That was pretty heady stuff for me at the time and it meant I would have to concentrate 100% of my time and effort on it if I was to complete this assignment successfully, he says.

Brad had to find a business partner to manage his business affairs back home while he was presenting seminars, consulting and generating cashflow. Once that was in place, Brad proceeded to present literally hundreds of seminars all over Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States.

Brad’s reputation grew for transforming businesses through his teaching and consulting, and when it came time to systemize ACTION International so it could be converted into a franchise organization for sustained growth, Brad enlisted the help of fellow Aussie Steve Leach in Brisbane. In fact, Steve became the first franchise owner back in 1997, and is still with ActionCOACH today coaching Brisbane area businesses. The franchise model proved successful and the business expanded into Asia first, followed by Europe, Canada and the United States.

Widely recognized as the world’s top Business Coach, Brad has personally coached thousands of companies and their owners to greater success and leveraged his proven system to grow ActionCOACH into an award winning franchise organization. ActionCOACH has been awarded the #1 Business Coaching Franchise in the World every year since 2004 (Entrepreneur Magazine), and is currently ranked the #76 Franchise in the World (Entrepreneur Magazine). The company was also named Best Overall Company in North America (Stevie Awards) and has received dozens of other awards.

While Brad no longer provides one-on-one Business Coaching services himself, his ActionCOACH franchise organization of 1,000 Business Coaches in 39 countries provides weekly coaching to over 15,000 companies and is the most recognized name and the leading Business Coaching Company in the world. Brad believes that all business owners can benefit from an ActionCOACH Business Coach in achieving business success, and his long term vision is to see a Business Coach in every business.

Brad Sugars … The Author

Brad Sugars. The Author

Brad Sugars. The Author

Brad published his first book in 2000 when ACTION International had just 15 Business Coaches. The book, titled, “Cash, Customers and Ads That Sell” was the precursor to “Instant Cashflow,” one of Brad’s early best sellers.

In 2012, Brad published his 15th book titled “Buying Customers.” This book presents revolutionary new rules for getting more customers into any business with far less money. He is also the creator of a board game called “Leverage,” which teaches business skills through an engaging sequence of business principles and choices.

Four of Brad’s books have become international best-sellers and are currently published thorugh McGraw-Hill and available via Amazon.com. In addition, several titles are currently available as Kindle editions.

In addition to his published books, Brad has self-published a number of condensed eBooks, white papers and business tools on a wide range of business topics and strategies which are available in PDF format and are included in the Brad Sugars Profit Masters membership.

With over 30,000 followers on Facebook, Brad enjoys communicating with his fans through his series of quotes on business and life topics.


Brad Sugars … The Educator

Brad Sugars. The Educator

Brad Sugars. The Educator

Not content to simply retire and enjoy the rewards of his labor, Brad finds helping other people achieve success in their business and finances one of the most rewarding activities he engages in.

His current goal is to leverage modern advances in technology to deliver cost-effective ?business re-education? to business owners around the world through the Brad Sugars Profit Masters program.

This program delivers free webinars, an 11-day entrepreneurial webinar series and his lifetime collection of seminar videos, audio programs and electronic business documents to a global audience conveniently delivered to their desktop via the Internet.