How to utilize blogs to increase your business

Writing a good blog sounds easier than it actually is. You want to engage readers, attract attention and pique interest…or it won’t get read.

ActionCOACH founder and CEO Brad Sugars has his own blog site and fan site that features blogs, and he updates his Facebook page and Twitter accounts regularly so everyone knows what he’s thinking about, making plans to do, marketing or mentioning. And he’s obviously doing a good job at keeping people up to date about his business coaching tactics – both his blogs have each gained 71% and 75% new visitors, respectively, while his fan page on Facebook has 2,454 fans, and he has 1,441 followers on Twitter.

Lucky for everyone, Brad Sugars has shared pointers on how to write interesting, successful blog posts, whether they’re about business coaching, business advice, or business mentoring. Follow these tips to get your blog post the most attention:

1. Make your opinions and advice known.
People want to know what other people and experts think. Brad Sugars is most definitely an expert in the business coaching sector; if you’re not an expert, quote other experts while still blogging your stance and opinion along with the facts. Write what you want about business coaching, business advice and business mentoring.

2. Link a lot.
Support your post with links to other business web pages and business coaching web pages that support your stance. Don’t forget to post links to your blog on Twitter and Facebook to help get your blog posts about business and business coaching out there.

3. Don’t write so much.
Long blog posts lose the reader about halfway through – sometimes less than that. Say what you want to say about business coaching in the minimum amount of words possible. Even though readers might want information about business coaching or business advice, people are always too busy to read long articles. The key to writing a good blog is saying what you want to say about business and business mentoring in as few words as possible. Even better for making readable blog posts: include bullet point lists whenever possible; it organizes information.

4. Use keywords.
Think about what keywords people would use to search for your post (business coaching, business, business advice, mentor, marketing) and include them in the blog post and headline. Don’t go overboard or it will look like a spam post, but a few keywords here and there will place your blog higher in search engine searches.

5. Write snappy headlines.
Write your headlines in a catchy way including a few keywords that attract attention.

Then it comes to marketing, blogs come in handy. If you follow the advice here, your blog will attract attention in no time.