Oh my goodness, how times have changed … and I am so not happy …

As a business owner, I’m always amazed at how many opinions people have about networking.

Opinions that are backed with absolutely no substance, no research and no “bloody”  understanding at all.

You would literally be amazed at how people’s opinions are so polarized by what is such a fundamentally solid business model.  A model now taught in Universities and colleges across the planet.

In fact, if you do your home work, you’ll see that Network Marketing, or Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing has taken a massive about face in the last 10 years.

Industry figures show a 91% growth, more than USD$100 billion a year globally and, investors such as Warren Buffet and Richard Branson owning companies that use these marketing methods.

Yet, “so called” consumer advocates, pathetically weak investment advisors and every day people who have literally no experience, have done no research and have no grounds to be even thinking of making comment are doing you a disservice by possibly turning you away from a model that has proven to help millions create extra income.

As Jim Rohn puts it so well, you go to work during the day to pay the bills and at night to build your wealth.  Then you ask why Robert Kiyosaki calls it the “perfect business” and even wrote a whole book about it titled, “The Business for People who like Helping People.”

Then we go to noted economist Paul Zane Pilzer who has two books on the subject and you start to see that those who bother to educate themselves find that this industry is huge and full of amazing growth companies.

Here’s how it really works …

You’re a new company and you don’t have the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars needed to advertise, stock and sell your products through retail channels.  In reality, just the advertising budget alone kills most companies. Look at Big Kev.

So, the next best form of marketing is word of mouth.  And, if you want word of mouth to work, you have to have both a great product and the ability to pay the people who spread the most word.

That my friends, in simplest terms, is word of mouth or network marketing.

You pay people to spread the word.  Now, many will call it pyramid marketing.  Again, do your research, this is just not factual.  In a pyramid, you buy directly from the person above you who marks up the product (if there is one) and then you have to mark it up to the next person.  For many good reasons it’s illegal.

On the flip side, in Network Marketing, everyone buys directly from the main company, and everyone pays the same price.  Then, the company rewards those that spread the most word with the most compensation.

And, why do people get so upset and emotional over this … ?

Simple, it’s like any other business, if you do nothing you get nothing.  If you do a lot, you get a lot.  Some people join, do very little and wonder why it didn’t work for them.  They then, to justify their experience, state that networking doesn’t work.  It couldn’t possibly have been them.

Well, the same could be said for going into your own business, the same for investing in the stock market, or property for that matter.  Let’s be real, in life if you do nothing, you get nothing, if you do a lot, you get a lot …

If it seems I’m mad, you better believe it. If someone needs to stand up and be an advocate for this industry then let it be me. I am sick and tired of the Australian tall poppy rubbish. It has got to stop.

This industry has the ability to in a fairly short space of years help the average person create an extra $1,000 a month for a very small investment of money and a reasonable investment of time.  Something I’d love to see the people who knock it show you how to do.  All I want you to do, it do the research, don’t let these morons impress you with their attacks, let the real information speak for itself.

Go to www.networkingtimes.com and read as much as you can, get some books, watch some of the DVD’s.

Whatever you do, if you are in networking or thinking about getting in, listen to people who have done it, look to people who have achieved and then, judge for yourself the difference between informed and ignorant.

This article is reprinted courtesy of My Business magazine, one of the leading business publications in Australia.